March 2nd 2019 – Signup for It’s My Park Day!

IMPD Spring 2019 will be March 2nd – please consider coming out to help with park maintenance and beautification. It’s also a great way to get to know neighbors and explore the park and greenbelt!

Signup Link –

Projects planned:

1) Trash Cleanup throughout park and greenbelt to Mopac and upstream to Dorsett. If you are familiar with the park, please consider leading volunteers to the trash pickup areas 

2) Creekside Trail maintenance – remove/relocate fallen branches, move rocks off trail,spread straw and native seeds on the slope along the creekside trail.

3) Planted tree maintenance – weed, mulch, remove t-posts that have fallen, etc.  Leaders needed to guide volunteers on proper mulching procedures.

4) Poolhouse landscape maintenance – weed new plantings

5) Patch small area of creekside trail near Duval – we need a hand truck and a couple of strong backs to take the concrete down to the trail.  Please let us know if you can help with this!

Please email if you would like to volunteer to lead a project.   We can get more work done with a little advance coordination! 

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