Radon PSA: Info, May 25 Presentation & Discounted Radon Tests

A resident recently received higher than safe Radon Levels in their Milwood home which was only discovered after a diagnosis of lung cancer which is why the resident asked that we share this info so you can educate yourself on the risks and how to take steps to measure your home’s levels if you choose to do so. While Austin is not considered a risky area for Radon, it can happen any where and is the second highest cause of lung cancer. MNA has worked with EPA & Texas Tech University to secure quality tests for a heavily discounted rate of only $5 for members and $8 for non-members. Resolving higher radon levels can range from mitigating your home to simply opening your homes’ windows on a regular basis.

On Thurs, May 25 at Abel’s North, two Radon Experts came into Milwood and provided a wonderful Radon Presentation.

Online Resources:
Home Owners Guide to Radon

Thanks to our Supporters of this event:
Abel’s North
Texas Tech’s Institute of Environmental & Human Health