Balcones District Park

Balcones District Park runs along Amherst alongside the neighborhood. The park has a popular basketball court, volleyball court, Balcones Pool, a kids play area, and lots of wide open space. Down the trail behind the pool is access to a hiking trail, as well as a beautiful natural waterfall when the creek is flowing after rains.

Hiking Trails Near Balcones District Park

Balcones Park is also the western terminus of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, a 10 foot wide shared use path that currently stops at Walnut Creek Park. Trail extensions are planned that will eventually extend to the Southern Walnut Creek Trail which extends almost to the Colorado River!  See the City of Austin website  for more details.

We co-host an biannual “Its My Park Day” events in conjunction with the Austin Parks Foundation.

There is currently no charge for pool use.

Additional Park Information
Pool Schedule and Hours

See the Park Improvement page for more information on ongoing projects!

6 Responses to Balcones District Park

  1. Kylee says:

    Can this park be ‘reserved’ for birthday parties?

  2. Alma Fraga says:

    Hello, I visit Balcones District park frequently and I am so curious as to what all the wooden bridges and all the road looking trails were. Is there any kind of history of what the park originated from?

  3. Willo Laurel says:

    How are we progressing on raising the $15,000 match?

    • Meg Davis says:

      We are doing great! We have less than $2,000 to go!! Thanks to all the countless donors and supporters!

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