Meet the Contractor for Balcones Park Final Trail Completion Portion – Tues, March 6th

Northern Walnut Creek Trail Phase 1A – Meet the Contractor
Date: March 6, 2018
Covenant United Methodist Church
4410 Duval Road, 6:30 p.m.
Austin, Texas 78727

Project Description
This project is the final piece of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail Project that extends from Balcones District Park to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. The project will construct approximately 2,030 feet of ten-foot-wide concrete trail with two-foot shoulders from Amherst Drive through Balcones District Park to the existing segment on the south side of the baseball field in the park. It will also include 200 feet of sidewalk, retaining walls to maintain an acceptable slope, storm water facilities to accommodate existing drainage patterns, and will have environmental protections to safeguard existing protected species and sensitive areas.

Project Schedule –The project is anticipated to begin in mid-March and will take about 6 months to complete.

What to expect during construction
–The project staging area will be in Balcones District park off Scribe Lane.
–There are two construction entrances on this project to expedite construction. –The first is off Amherst Drive and the second will be located off Scribe Drive.
–Temporary access to baseball field will temporarily be off Stoney Drive.
–The trail will be closed once construction begins until further notice.

Communication Plan
–Monthly Status Updates via email & Public Works Department website
–Social media, updates posted as needed on NextDoor and City of Austin Public Works Facebook page

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Support Balcones Park’s Trail Repairs thru Amplify Austin: March 1 at 6pm to March 2 at 6pm

Donate to Balcones Park on or before Fri, March 2nd at 6pm!
And Grow Your Donation!

APF will match 25% of every donation to our park up to the first $2,500! AND Many Big Austin Employers will also match their employee’s donations by 100% so it is a great time to donate and help us reach the needed $9,302!

Click HERE to donate or read more.

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Volunteer at It’s My Park Day – Sat. March 3rd, 10am-2pm at Balcones Park

Please consider joining us and your neighbors to help us make improvements to our beloved Balcones Park! All ages and abilities welcome!

Saturday, March 3rd from 10am-2pm

Sign-up HERE so we will get credit for your volunteer hours towards our Creekside Trail Repair Grant! If spots are full or you forget to sign-up that’s ok come anyway and just check in at the event!

Thanks, Neighbors!!

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Bulk Collection begins Mon, Feb 12

Friendly reminder: Bulk Collection starts for Milwood next Monday, Feb 12!

Please remember to hold back the recyclable items (plastic bins/ridged plastic, etc) and place them in/near your blue bins the following week because everything picked up by the bulk item trucks go directly to the LANDFILL. The only thing that is picked up separately is tires because it is illegal to bury a tire in Texas. According to the Austin Resource Recovery official that we just spoke to the city used to pull out appliances or large metal items and recycle them however the “pickers” have taken over that job so the city no longer finds it cost effective to send out additional trucks for that.

If you have useable furniture, clothes, household items, misc, books, etc – Salvation Army will pick it up for free:

The sooner your items reach the curb the more chance they have of being repurposed/recycled by someone which brings forward the point of…. Lots of trucks/trailers will be going through the neighborhood this weekend so secure your front yard belongings and lock your doors!

The city won’t pick up any batteries, paints, oil, antifreeze so keep an eye out for our Milwood neighborhood event in the spring that will get those for you!

Also for you compost users out there – Remember to place your bins a little further into your yard than normal on Tuesday!

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Developer Mtg this Saturday for bar on Waters Park Rd – please try to attend

Details HERE

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Creekside Trail in Balcones Park Closed for Construction as of Jan 31

Construction work is beginning today on the Creekside Trail on the west edge of Balcones Park from Duval overpass to baseball fields, so please plan your route accordingly. It should last approximately 2 months.

This is the result of the grant to get much needed holes repaired on the trail for safety. To learn more about our fundraising needs and volunteer hours needed for this grant visit: click here

An update on the grant fundraising as of 12/20/17, funds raised for the creekside trail repairs grant are now at $2,971, so we are only $6,332 away from what we need to provide our portion of the grant which will cover trail signage, maps, relandscaping of the pool and new trashcans. Want to donate? Look out for our Amplify Austin fundraising event coming up or click here to give today! Every penny you give will be more than doubled through the grant and given to our park improvements.

We are also still in need of approx. 300 volunteer hours in the park so if you can join us for It’s My Park Day on Saturday, March 3rd from 10am to 1pm please do! We will post the registration soon!

Thanks! For questions please contact

Trail Priority1FINAL

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Waters Park Rezoning Presentation by Developer – Sat. Feb 3rd, 10am

Hi Neighbors!
We hope you can attend this presentation provided by the developers who want to rezone a Waters Park Road lot to a Cocktail Lounge. This could have a big affect on our neighborhood so please try to join the MNA Board to ask questions and hear details regarding the proposed development. If you can attend please RSVP below so we will have the room set accordingly.

The addresses they are trying to rezone are: 12219, 12219 1/2 and 12221 Waters Park Rd

Take a minute and drive down Waters Park Rd to get an idea of the project’s location. (At night and day if possible.)

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