Meet Your Block Captains

Below is a list of the Milwood Neighborhood Assoc. Block Captains, with pictures when available.

If your street has a block captain listed and you are new to the neighborhood or haven’t been contacted by your block captain yet, please send us your name, address, and phone number. We will have your block captain get in touch with you and until then download Welcome to the Neighborhood and look into registering with which is not associated with MNA in any way.

If you are interested in becoming a block captain, click here.

For tips on preventing crime to your home, car or your block, learn more here.

Jill Mayfield
Turtleback Lane Block Captain
Meg Davis
Adelphi Lane Block Captain
Reuben Leslie/Sue Downe
Antoinette Place Block Captain
(from Cabana Lane to Cavern Springs)
Mike Trimborn
Aspendale Drive & Cove Block Captain
Nick Quijano
Cabana Lane Block Captain
(south end)
Marie Martin
Cavern Springs Road Block Captain
Bethany Metzger
Dorsett Road Block Captain
Andrea Vega
Pelham Drive Block Captain
Dale and Pam Butler
Rhea Court Block Captain
Cheryle Curtis and Brad Perry
Saxony Lane co-Block Captains
Twila Waters
Yucatan Lane Block Captain