Pollution Prevention

Balcones Park is in the Walnut Creek Watershed – the water quality in the creek within the  park and downstream is threatened by pollution.  Testing done by the City downstream of the park indicates that water quality is impaired – meaning it does not meet State of Texas standards for contact recreation.  While much of the pollution is from improper trash disposal, improper waste management from campsites, fertilizer and pesticide runoff and natural erosion, park users and neighbors can also contribute to pollution.  As neighbors and park users, we all share a responsibility to prevent pollution.  Please:

  • Bag and properly dispose of dog waste – in a trash can.  We have all seen the bags left at the side of the trail or thrown into the bushes.  Bagged and unbagged waste contributes to the growth of harmful bacteria and other pathogens. Please pack it out.
  • Properly dispose of trash, food wrappers, bottles and cans – in a trash can or recycle bin
  • Don’t cut switchbacks or cut new trails.  Soils in Balcones Park are thin and easily eroded.  New trails can increase erosion.  Balcones Park also has several geologic faults.  Some of the rock in the fault zone is fractured and landslides have occurred recently.  Climbing on the fractured rock is dangerous and can accelerate erosion.
  • Please don’t ride the unpaved trails after rain until they have had time to dry out.  Tire tracks can rut trails and cause erosion.  If you do encounter muddy sections don’t ride around the mud as this just makes a larger disturbance.  If you start riding and encounter wet trails, the best practice is to dismount and walk your bike to a paved trail.

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