About MNA

The Milwood Neighborhood Association (MNA) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving Milwood quality of life through community-building and education.

MNA is NOT a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). HOAs require mandatory membership, charge dues in the hundreds of dollars a year, and have deed enforcement powers. MNA has a low, LOW dues price of 15 dollars a year and helps to coordinate neighborhood activities, keeps residents informed of relevant goings on, and liaisons with city staff and other neighborhood associations on pragmatic projects.

MNA Benefits

The Milwood Neighborhood Association helps build community through meetings and social events and keeps Milwood connected to the city, county, and state governments through candidate forums and general membership meetings. MNA’s accomplishments, activities, and events include the following:

  • Advocated for Milwood Branch Library
  • Monitor regional development projects and interact with developer staff
  • Liaisons with City of Austin on zoning and planning
  • Publishes information to the MNA website and to email lists
  • July 4th Parade and Picnic
  • Holiday Lighting Contest
  • It’s My Park Day
  • General Membership Meetings (spring and fall)
  • Annual Candidate Forums

To contact the board use the contact us form.

President: Meg Davis
Vice President: Tanner Callais
Treasurer/Membership: Carolyn Scherrer
Secretary: Kristin Harper
Parks/Greenbelt: Erik Harris
Communications/Social: Sarah Romo De Vivar-Whalen & Johanna Hedges
Block Captain Coordinator:
At Large: Bethany Metzger
At Large: Michael Lewis

There are open Board positions so please contact us to get involved!
View the MNA By-laws