Trails Near Milwood

Trails to and from Balcones Park:

The trails below are the main trails through the park.  There are also several unimproved side trails through park.

Note, all of these trails can flood  – do not attempt to hike or ride during flood conditions.  Please also see the Park Etiquette page for information on avoiding trail damage and conflicts with other trail users.

NWCT – Northern Walnut Creek Trail (Red Trail)

This route is a concrete paved 10 foot wide shared use path that leads from the Balcones District Park parking lot through the park.  At the intersection with the blue trail, you can return to the parking lot via the Creekside Trail (see below for description), or continue to Mopac and beyond.  At Mopac you can continue under Mopac to Walnut Creek Park, or head south on the Mopac Shared use path.

Creekside Trail in Balcones Park (Blue Trail)

This is a rough concrete path with some smoother sections.  The trail follows the Duval Branch of Walnut Creek along the Balcones Fault past a perennial spring.  At the east end you can loop back via the NWCT to the parking lot or continue on the NWCT to Mopac and beyond.  At the intersection with Duval Road, you can take the culverts under Duval and continue on the Duval Dorsett Trail or go west up the hill into Balcones Park.

Duval Dorsett Creekside Trail (Purple Trail) 
This track follows a trail from Dorsett Road under Duval Road behind San Marin Apartments, back under Duval Road and into Balcones Park, where you can pickup the Balcones Creekside trail and Northern Walnut Creek Trail (NWCT ).

Once you reach Walnut Creek park there a many more trails.  See the Walnut Creek trail map for more details.

Yett Creek Park to Riata (Green Trail):
This track shows several trails within Yett Creek Park and a trail to Riata Park which features a large pond with abundant turtles, fish and waterfowl.  Unfortunately access to Yett Creek Park from Milwood has been complicated by the removal of the railroad crossing on Dorsett near Enchanted Forest but this area can be reached by taking Duval Road to West Cow Path or Parmer to Riata Vista Circle.