Milwood Mom’s Group

Are you a mom in Milwood with young kids? Join the Milwood Mom’s Group!

A group that meets several times a month in several different ways to build lasting friendships for both the moms and kids!

Our goal is to help moms get a base in the neighborhood and allow the kids to form long friendships as well! This is particularly great for the kids when the school years begin!

There are two different levels of membership to accommodate all schedules:
1. Playdate Membership (once a week, usually Fridays, the moms and kids get together at parks, homes, bounce towns, pools, etc to play. Also includes all of the Events listed in #2) – Fees are $18 per year.
2. Events Membership (a few times a year there is an organized group party such as Easter Egg Hunt, Spring Celebration, Halloween Party, 4th of July parade, Backyard/Babies/Beer and more) – Fees are $12 per year.

>> Email milwoodmoms(at) to join or learn more.

In addition:
>> Join the Milwood Neighborhood Mom’s Facebook Page and swap items and advice all year round with 100’s of current Milwood moms! (Open to ALL in the ‘hood! Membership not required. Simply ask to be invited to the private group by emailing .)

>> Also there is a Mom’s Night Out once a month open to ALL, not just members! (Membership not required to get on the evite list so come try us out and meet new moms. Simply email milwoodmoms(at) to be added.)