Some Quick Recycling & Trash Tips:

Tip #1: DON’T BAG YOUR RECYCLABLES! If you do the City simply takes that bag and trashes it. They don’t have the manpower nor the tools to open and empty them!

Tip #2: If you fill your blue bin every 2 weeks – Don’t just trash the extra. Simply call 311 and ask for a second blue bin at NO cost. If you only go over occasionally: 1. Ask your neighbor if their bin is out and not full if you could add to it. 2. Place the extra in a cardboard box labeled RECYCLING next to your recycling bin at no charge.

Tip #3: Adelphi Acre Community Garden has a wonderful compost program and it is simple for any Milwood resident to drop off their compost in a returnable bin & leaves in brown bags as well. Email us for specifics and drop off address in Milwood.
Interested in a Curbside Composting Service? Complete this form and we will send you details as we finalize finding a company to provide this service.

Tip #4: Plastic Bags and Plastic Film of all kinds are easily recyclable at grocery stores and often times dry cleaners.

Tip #5: Never miss a collection day again. Get regular reminders to set out your carts. The smaller your trash cart, the less you pay. Sign up here.

Tip #6: The Recycle & Reuse Drop-Off Center accepts many household items including styrofoam, fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, paint, batteries, and propane cylinders. You can also pick up FREE art supplies, cleaning products, ReBlend paint, mulch and more. Click here for more information.

Tip # 7: An Austin Recycling Guide by

Tips #8: Are you Remodeling? Help direct 75-85% of it from the landfill & get a tax break through The ReUse People of America. Kathy Robinson, lives in Milwood and is the Austin Area Associate. 512-378-0100

Tip #9: Questions about recycling? Check out

Tip #10: For items the city won’t accept, a close option might be Duke’s Junk Recycling. You can take items to their convenient drop-off center, or you can schedule a pickup. They’ll take mattresses, furniture, old televisions, and more. There is a drop off fee so posting it to nextdoor, facebook, craigslist might be your first best option to see it get a second life.