Burglary Prevention Tips

Austin Police Department has a number of helpful tips so you can keep your home safe and secure. More tips here

  1. Locks: Deadbolts are the most secure, usually locked with a key outside and a thumb turn on the inside.
  2. Solid Doors: Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood, at least 1 3/4 inches thick. Frames must be of equally strong material.
  3. Garage Doors: Keep them closed and locked.
  4. Sliding Aluminum Doors and Windows: Cut a broom handle to the length of the bottom track so that the door or window cannot slide open when forced. Also, drill one hole through both the casing and sliding window, then insert a nail or pin.
  5. Wooden Sash Windows: Drill a downward sloping hole into the top of the bottom window through and into the bottom of the top window, and insert a nail or pin.
  6. Aluminum Sash Windows: Install a track lock that blocks the window track for added security.
  7. Mark Your Property:
    • Make note of all serial numbers on electronics (computers, TVs, iPods, phones, etc.) and keep the list hidden away and NOT on a computer that could be stolen.
    • Mark valuables using an engraving tool.
    • Put electronic surveillance warning stickers on doors and windows.
  8. Burglar Alarm: Effective deterrent. Get a system that can be armed from home or remotely.
  9. When Away: Use lamps and timers (for radios and lights). Set timers to go on at dusk and off at bedtime.
  10. Your Yard: When on vacation, have grass mowed regularly and ensure shrubbery does not block neighbors' view of your windows and doors.
  11. Front Porch: Keep clear of newspapers, circulars, junk mail flyers.
  12. Exterior Lighting: Have one light over every door. Use double cone lights at each corner of house to cover windows.

Remember to work together with your neighbors to keep your property safe. When you will be away, tell a trusted neighbor and ask them to watch your property. If you'll be gone for more than a day, leave a key with a neighbor and tell them if they see anyone suspicious near your house to call 911. You are not a “nosy neighbor” if you are helping keep the neighborhood safe.

If you see something suspicious, get a good description of the person, the car, and the license plate number. Then call 911.

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