General Mtg: May 18, 2021

Milwood’s General Resident Meeting

Tues, May 18, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom

Click HERE to see the notes and slides from the event.

Open to all Residents: Owners & Renters alike, not only those that pay the $15 voluntary annual dues

Please join MNA for the below agenda.

It’s also a great time to pay your voluntary MNA Member Dues, which are $15 per year, but it is not a requirement to join the meeting, only to vote.

7:00pm: Meeting Begins
– Past MNA Events:
– Batteries, Oil, Paint & Antifreeze Collection Event – Sat. May 11
– 3rd Annual Pool-Party – Sat. June 1
– July 4th Parade & Picnic – Thurs. July 4
– Milwood Library Update
– Completed Projects in the area
– Incomplete Projects in the area
– Crime Report, Key Concerns & Neighborhood Watch in Milwood – Get us ready for the Summer!
– Balcones Pool, Balcones Park & Playground Improvement Updates
– Resident Concerns or Questions, ie improvements & issues
– Board Member Elections – in need of a few positions: Vice President, Social Media Chair, Membership Chair, and more
– Brief Mentions if time allows:
– Other Events in the area/items: Summitt Elementary Registration, Summitt Elementary Summer Camps

8:30pm: Meeting Adjourned

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