Balcones Pool

The Pool opens Friday, June 3th until August 20. (Closed Mondays.)
Click Here for Pool Schedule.

Balcones Pool still has Swim Classes Available here. Download Aquatics Brochure here. See below for more details.

1. You can register in person at our office located at 2818 San Gabriel St. Austin, TX 78705. You will need a registration form and payment to register for a class. You can find registration forms at our office or on page 37 of the 2016 Swim Brochure located here

2. You send your registration by mail to 2818 San Gabriel St. Austin, TX 78705. You will need to enclose a check payable to the City of Austin along with a registration form.

3. You can fax your registration to 512-974-9344. You will need to provide credit card information in the appropriate place on the registration form.

4. You can also register online at You will need to create an account. You can search for your class using the course number found in the 2016 course brochure on the bottom right menu of the search page.

Do you know an individual who wants to earn some money over the summer? Lifeguard and act soon and get $100 bonus!
lifeguard bonus

We are in the process of hiring our summer lifeguards. The youngest lifeguards we hire are 15 years of age so if you know of any interested people please share the attached flyer with them. We are offering a $100 bonus to the first 400 lifeguard that are on payroll by May 23rd so time is running out to qualify for that incentive. In order to apply just follow the instructions below:

1. Fill out the online application here

2. Bring a Picture ID and Social Security Card to 2818 San Gabriel St. Austin, Texas 78705 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. (A school transcript may use for minors in lieu of a picture ID)

3. Once In the office we will interview the applicant and set them up with a training class.

Should you have any further questions about our lifeguard position please check

If you should have any questions for any reason regarding the pools, swim lessons or lifeguard positions do not hesitate to contact by email at aquaticsoffice(at) or by any of the information listed below.

Best Regards,

Timothy Simmons
Instructional Swim Program Registrar
City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department
2818 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: 974.9330

2015 Information:

Balcones Pool’s Hours are being cut by 20% this summer.
The Proposed Cutbacks in Balcones Pool’s Hours for this summer are:
– Close the pool all day Monday, every Monday of the summer, stating that maintenance would happen on this day.
– Cut the 7-8am hours on the weekdays so the pool would then open for swim teams at 8am and not for the pre-work crowd. Swim teams go from 8am to 10am.
– This would create an almost 20% decrease in our pool hours.

1. Balcones Neighborhood Pool is one of only four in a large area with an active and growing population, which makes it a much needed resource for the ever growing population of North Austin.
2. The pool hosts a swim team which is critical for children learning to swim for both those on the teams and recreational users, as well as for children to get exercise.
3. The proposed cuts in hours would cause a near 20% decrease in Balcones Pool’s hours.
4. The loss of an entire day (Monday) throughout the summer is unacceptable especially due to the already limited dates throughout the year that the neighborhood pool is open and the fact that this would result in a 20% reduction in the swim team practice hours as in years past they have practiced every Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 8am to 10am.

Other Details:
– Out of 29 neighborhood pools, the Balcones Pool is the 6th Most Used neighborhood pool based on Attendance by Population in the city using 2013 Attendance and 2014 Population.

MNA is happy to pass on the letter and data that we compiled to protest these cutbacks, if you would like to take a look email:

Give your Feedback here

2 Responses to Balcones Pool

  1. Claudia Savio says:

    In this Neighborhood, a library and pool closure on a Monday is going to hurt some families. The limit of activities for children to have a cool place near home to go shows a lack of foresight on the part of the city for our area.

    Please reconsider.

    • The Library is open on Monday, Closed on Sundays.

      Library Hours are:
      Mon-Thurs: 1 – 7pm
      Friday: 1 – 6pm
      Saturday: 10am – 5pm
      Sunday: Closed

      Balcones Pool Hours until July 17 are:
      Closed every Monday
      Open on Tuesday – Friday:
      8-11am: Swim Team (8-10am), Swim lessons & Lap Swim (10-12pm)
      11am-8pm: Recreational Swim
      6-8:10pm: Swim Lessons

      Sat & Sun: 11am – 8pm: Recreational Swim

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