General Mtg: Oct 17, 2017

Milwood Neighborhood’s General Meeting – Tues, Oct 17th, 7pm at Milwood Branch Library (Amherst & Adelphi)

Please join MNA for the below agenda regarding our neighborhood. As well as some neighborly socializing and some great Door Prizes!! If you would like to input an agenda item or join the board please email

It’s also a great time to pay your MNA Member Dues, which are $15 per year, but it is not a requirement to join the meeting, only to vote. It does help MNA continue its work for the neighborhood. Renters & Owners alike are welcome!

Heavily discounted $5 Radon Tests will be available at the door as well for all.

6:45pm: Socializing
7:00pm: Flag Ceremony by neighborhood Boy Scout Troop, Eagle Patrol with Pack 90
7:05pm: Meeting Begins
– Crime Report, Key Concerns & Neighborhood Watch in Milwood
– Discuss the addition of New Businesses & Changes of old in area
– Potential for Plays in the Park: Adult or Kid?
– Discuss establishing a Friends of the Library
– It’s My Park Day at Balcones Park – Nov 4, Sat
– Trail Repairs & Balcones Park Shade Improvement Updates
– Park & Playground Grant Updates
– Traffic & Planning Concerns for our Mobility/Neighborhood Planning Work Group
– Street Maintenance Concerns
– Neighborhood Announcements: Summitt, Adelphi Acre, etc
– Board Member Elections – in need of a few positions: Social Media Chair, Membership Chair, and more
– Door Prizes
– Resident Concerns or Questions
Brief Mentions:
– Petition for CodeNext
– AISD Bond – a brief mention. The Facilities and Bond Planning Advisory Committee (FABPAC) has been working on the conditions of all 130 AISD facilities. Here is a good link to help educate yourself before the November vote. You can learn about what this could mean for the Anderson vertical team and all of Austin.
– Additional MNA Items ~ Facebook Page; Annual Dues; Call for Board Participation-attend a board meeting without a commitment/try us on!
8:45pm: Meeting Adjourned

We hope you can attend and join the conversations happening in Milwood.