Deed Restrictions/Plats

Due to City adoption of Land development code regulations that changed the zoning regulations for Single Family Zoned property, many are in conflict with the duly adopted Subdivision Restrictions, we have assembled the restrictive covenants which apply to the multiple subdivision sections that comprise Milwood.

To find your restrictions that apply to your lot, follow the steps below

  1. Use the Subdivision Map or check your TCAD account information or City of Austin Property Profile map for the legal description. The legal description includes the subdivision name, section, block and lot number (e.g. Milwood Section One Phase 1 Block A, lot 1).
  2. Then find the restrictive covenant that matches the subdivision name/section/phase.

Arrowwood Section Two

Dorsett Oaks 10-23-1979

Dorsett Oaks Amended 3-23-1983

Dorsett Oaks Amended 5-6-1983

Milwood Section One Phase One

Milwood Section One Phase Two

Milwood Section Three

Milwood Section Four

Milwood Section Five

Milwood Section Six (not yet located on county website)

Milwood Section Seven

Milwood Section Eight

Milwood Section Nine

Milwood Section Ten

Milwood Section Eleven

Park At Duval