Park Improvement

Interested in joining us at a future volunteer event at the park? Sign up on the Park Email List here.


We are currently actively fundraising to improve the bathrooms at Balcones District Park and Pool. If you have the ability to help please donate here. As of 3/30/2023, we have raised over $7,500 with a goal of $24,000. Thank you!



Please consider coming out for It’s My Park Day Events held twice a year on the first Saturday in March and November  to help clean up the park, maintain trees/landscaping and make trail repairs.  Working in the park can be a lot of fun! It is a great way to meet neighbors and get some exercise too!



See the  Northern Walnut Creek Trail page for information on neighborhood efforts to complete this project.


The city is working on the design of the playground improvements and pavilion- see below for background on the development of this project


A $117,000 grant obtained as obtained through the City NPP program to repair  the creekside trail from Duval to the connection with the Northern Walnut Creek Trail.  See the project scope proposal here: Balcones Park Trail Repair Areas

Construction was completed by Muniz Concrete in 2018.  See the before and after pictures here.  Contractor Photos

We are continuing to make progress working off the financial and volunteer time commitments made to secure the grant including new trash cans with recycling bins (installed summer 2019) and volunteer events to shore up the sides of the trail with rock, seed wildflowers and natives grasses and more.


A fabric shade structure was installed in 2017 to provide additional area for pool users to relax in the shade.  See below for background on the development of this project

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We were recently awarded an approx. $117,000 grant from NPP to make much needed repairs to the Creekside Trail in Balcones District Park which will allow the trail to be more traversable! This means we will need to raise $9,302 to meet our promises and put in 1,522 volunteer hours over 2 years!

Click to Donate to help us raise the $9,302 we need in order to get the $117,000 in the newest grant from Neighborhood Partnering Program to repair the park’s Creekside Trail and secure the endangered Jollyville Salamander habitat!



Do you use Balcones Park? If so, provide your feedback for the Playground Location in Balcones Park to help us create the best long term outcome for our park! Once we pick the best location, we will move forward with installing the playground and pavilion which should take approx. 18 months.

The Balcones Pool shade structure and slab should be installed in March and April and be ready for the summer 2017 swim season!

Other recent fundraising efforts include:

Austin Parks Foundation has chosen our grant for Balcones Park! They will be funding $50,000 worth of improvements in the park! This is the first milestone to reaching our improvement goals at Balcones Park and will go a long way in much needed improvements. Thanks APF for choosing our park!

Neighborhood Partnering Program & PARD has awarded us just under $150,000 in funding to the park. It is important to note that the NPP Grant requires us to raise $15,000 of the $150,000 and put in approx. 1220 volunteer hours over 2 years.

After much valuable back and forth with the NPP program, PARD, and stakeholders like yourself, we have finalized an application requesting a 20×30 ft Shade Structure at the pool and a 30×40 ft Pavilion (location still to be finalized).

Thank You also to MNA’s own Bethany Metzger and Johanna Hedges, as well as the wonderful teams at APF and NPP and PARD for working tirelessly on both of these grants to better our park!

Also a Thank You to Four Seasons Community School, Walnut Crossing NA, Angus Valley Area NA, Northwood NA, Gracywoods NA, and Adelphi Acre Community Garden for partnering with Milwood NA on this venture!

A Huge Thank You to our Business Donors: First State Bank Central Texas, Amplify Credit Union, and Textruss!

Thank you for your support.

If you would like to help by making a donation to help us raise the $9,302 cash match we will need for the recent NPP Grant to Repair the Creekside Trail in Balcones Park: Click Here

If you have ideas on how to help us raise the funds contact us at or call 512-636-9176!!





First State Bank Central Texas
The Allen Family
Paul & Jennifer Foreman
Milwood Neighborhood Assoc
Textruss, Mike Shelton
Amplify Credit Union
Angus Valley Area Neighborhood Assoc (AVANA)
Johanna & Dan Hedges
Dana Sprute
Marla & Michael Lafferty
Meg & Andy Davis
H&H Design & Build, Karl Hanson
Denise & David Hedges
Northwood Neighborhood Assoc
Gracywoods Neighborhood Assoc
Matthew Brutsche, In Honor of Angela Brutsche
Tan Tran
Jennifer Lava
Willo Laurel
Lynnette L Tyer
Sara & Kevin Helms
Ariane Beck
Bennett Joiner
Tim McMullen
Heather Roell and Elliot Oshman
Tanya Visser
Gina & Evan Woodruff
Tom and Diane Bohman
Eloy Perez
Carolyn Reeves & Jon Wolfe
Patrick DeLeon
Jennifer Dawkins
Brandi Young
Will & Katie Shoaf
Carole Frizzelle
Allison & Dave Kociuruba
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Alison & Brian Luce
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Jill Sutton
Katherine Weber
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Devin McBride
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Joe & Jessica Olson
David & Kim Barkelew
Jacqueline Collins
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Reid & Marcy Phillips
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Milwood Baptist Church
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