Milwood Art Day – Sat. May 6, 2023

Milwood Art Day
Saturday, May 6, 2023
10am – 2pm
Addresses throughout the neighborhood

Milwood Art Day will be on Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 10am to 2pm. The format this time will be having artists spread throughout the neighborhood at various homes in Milwood and Walnut Crossing. *Rain will cause the event to be cancelled until the Fall.

The List of Artist Stops & Map has been deleted.

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Join today for a chance to win $100 Cash!

$100 Membership Drive Giveaway! Join today and be entered to win $100 cash!

If you pay for more than 1 year membership ($15/yr) then you will be entered into the drawing an additional time for each year!

Help Milwood Neighborhood Association get to 260 members and Support your ‘Hood!

*Only Milwood Residents will be entered to win.
**All those who purchase a membership between April 1 through April 30, 2023 will be entered to win.
***If you are unsure if you are current on your membership and want to purchase another that is fine, we will just add another 12 months to your current membership expiration date so no value will be lost for you.

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Milwood Resident Meeting & Social with Austin Fire Dept – Sun. April 30 at 4pm

Join us for Milwood Resident Meeting & Social
with Austin Fire Dept & Fire Truck!
Sun, April 30 at 4pm, Balcones Park

Due to all of the house fires in Milwood, we are trying to arrange for this resident meeting to have an info sessions with Austin Fire Dept and a Fire Truck (emergencies willing) AND be near the playground in hopes that more families can attend to learn more about our Milburn Homes and preventative things to do to protect us against fires. So please mark your calendars! Thanks!

All Welcome! Not just Current Members.

Please share with other neighbors. Facebook Event Link here

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Hazardous Waste Collection – Batteries, Oil, Paint, Antifreeze, Styrofoam, Plastic Film Collection Event – Sat, April 15, 2023

Start gathering those dead batteries, used oil and oil filters, leftover latex paint cans, and antifreeze PLUS clean/dry styrofoam and plastic film!

Because Milwood Neighborhood Association will be collecting Batteries, Oil, Latex Paint, Antifreeze, Styrofoam and Plastic Film on Saturday, April 15th, 2023 from 8:30-9:30am to St. Stephen’s Baptist Church. Please note if we fill the truck we will close at that time, so don’t wait until the end.

We must close at 9:45am or when we fill up to be able to get the materials to the City site and unloaded before they close at noon, so please try to come early.

We will not be accepting other household hazardous wastes including: oil-based paint, paint thinner or stripper, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, pesticides. Those have to be delivered individually, though you are welcome to follow us down there and drop them off.

This event will focus on fund raising to make much need improvements at Balcones Park’s bathrooms. It is free to ALL Current MNA members that are up-to-date on their $15 annual dues OR you can make a suggested $10+ donation which will go towards Balcones Park Bathroom Improvements. Not an MNA member? It’s easy to skip the line and join online or at the event. 100% of the donations raised will go to improvements in Balcones Park.

We’re also looking for volunteers for our collection event. Sign up by emailing us at milwoodna1(a) We need folks to corral the cars, unload vehicles, load the collection truck, and assist with separating the collected materials. If you’re looking for a great opportunity to help serve your neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and protect the environment, come join us by emailing us at

A BIG Thanks to Our Event Sponsor & Neighbor:
Thanks Karl Hanson with H&H Design & Build for helping us make this event possible!

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Milwood’s Garage Sale – Sat. April 1

Don’t Miss Milwood’s Garage Sale on Saturday, April 1, 2023 with over 17 homes listed!

Come find some wonderful treasurers at the best prices from your neighbors!

The Current List & Map of the Garage Sale Homes:
CHECK BACK ON FRIDAY/Saturday morning for complete list:
Addresses & map have been removed

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Donate to Balcones Park through Amplify Austin March 1st thru 2nd to help improve bathrooms!

Donate Now through Amplify Austin to help us Improve our Park and Pool bathrooms at Balcones Park! And as a bonus Austin Parks Foundation will match the first $3,500!

Click Here to Donate or Learn More:

Please share to family and friends and fellow park users!

This year we hope to try and make improvements to the bathrooms on both the park side and the pool side. We are excited that this benefit will enable us to better serve pool guests during the summer as well as park users year-round.

Ideally we would raise enough to replace the toilets, sinks, and lighting fixtures but if not we will do the most with what we receive – starting with the park bathrooms since they are used year round! If we surpass our goal, any additional funds would be used to make additional improvements to lifeguard hut, showers, and doors.

Please help us by making a donation!

Our park is well loved and the new playground and relatively new pool shade has been great in bringing people to our park. These additional Bathroom Improvements would go a very long way in increasing the enjoyment of park users as well so we are hopeful that we can make it happen! Thank you!!

A special Thanks to Austin Parks Foundation and PARD for their continued support of our park!

See pictures of project here.

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March 4, 2023 – Mark your calendars for It’s My Park Day!

Please save the date to help clean up and care for Balcones Park.  There will be projects for all ages including:

1- Cleanup litter in Balcones Park, along trails and in creek greenbelt.

2- Trail maintenance/erosion repairs – Creekside Trail & NWCT near bridge

3 –  Tree weeding around parking lot

4 – Native wildflower and grass Seeding (along paved trails and butterfly meadow

5 – Invasive Species Removal

Sign up here – Balcones Spring Clean

If you would like to help lead a work group, please let us know!

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