March 1st – It’s My Park Day -Final Call for Volunteers!

We have about 40 signed up and are looking for more volunteers for several projects in Balcones Park and the downstream greenbelt. We’ll start at 9 AM.  We’ll meet up at Balcones Park on Amherst and then disperse to the various project areas.  Please pitch in, even if you can only come for a hour or two!

1) Cleanup litter from the greenbelt under and just east of Mopac (by the completed trail section)  The trash in this area is fairly extensive and it would be a good start at reclaiming this area as a public space after years of neglect. (if you  can bring a pole pruner to snag bags out of trees and/or wheelbarrows, please contact the project leader listed on the signup link)

2) Cleanup graffiti from the hike & bike trail installed outside the current work area (off Cedar Bend east of the recently completed Mopac section).

3) Cleanup litter in Balcones Park –the big cleanup last year took care of most of the worst areas– a couple of crews could do this while others tackle the nasty stuff by Mopac.

4) Fill the chuckhole in the concrete trail by the waterfall in Balcones Park with rock (we had discussed repairing with quickcrete but the concrete purchase was not funded and there hasn’t been much interest (if you are dying to haul 80 lb bags of concrete please email the project leader listed on the project signup link)

5)Reclaim gravel next to the playscape and put it back in the play area.  This will be a great project for the kids, bring a bucket!

Click here to sign up

Hope to see you in the Park!

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