Get Involved with Neighborhood Watch!

Milwood has an active Neighborhood Watch program, with about 16 streets currently participating in the program. If you’re interested to learn more, you can start on the Neighborhood Watch page.

If you are new to the neighborhood, you can check to see if your street currently has a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain. If you already live in the neighborhood and have a block captain for your street, you should know it because you should be receiving occasional emails about what is happening in the neighborhood. If not, and you’d like to volunteer to be your street’s Block Captain, just send us a note and the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator will help get you started.

This coming Tuesday, October 2, 2012, is National Night Out Against Crime. If your street doesn’t have anything formal planned, consider chatting with your neighbors to organize something. It can be as simple as turning on your porch light and stepping out your front door to get to know your neighbors!


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