News from Cap Metro

CapMetro map

Cap Metro has a new community newsletter out on their website. The two interesting things I took out were:


1. In November 2006, Capital Metro launched Mobile WiFi service on Express buses to provide internet access for passengers. The pilot project began with service on nine MCI coach buses serving express routes. The buses are white with a red stripe down the middle.

The WiFi-enabled buses, numbers 9301 through 9309, feature Capital Metro “WiFi To Go” decals to let boarding passengers know they are riding buses with WiFi capabilities.

I’m asking to see if there is any way to know which routes and what times specifically.


2. The newsletter included the map to the right of the commuter rail routes.

While we’ve seen it before, it is interesting because the location of the station in the Burnet/Domain area has been in flux for a while. Since this is in a CapMetro, publication it is somewhat more interesting because I have found them to consistently caveat potential locations on Burnet.

I’m not sure if the fact this is in a CapMetro newsletter without a “tbd” means a location has been decided. I’ll ask them for some clarity.


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