Adelphi Acre Update

Hey there, neighbors!

For those of you who have been following the progress of Adelphi Acre Community Garden and are interested in a timeline update, please keep reading, otherwise go about your business.


As many of you know, our steering committee has been working closely with the City of Austin over the past year to help get this garden started.  We have encountered more speed bumps than any of us ever thought possible, but we kept at it, and finally, after countless revisions have completed our final application for the License Agreement.  This may all sound like stuff we’ve said before, but there has been a tremendous amount of effort that went into this process, and numerous (different agreements) that had to be reached with various departments of the city for this to take place including:

  • Memorandum of Understanding with the Sustainable Food Center (Non-profit sponsorship/liability insurance) (complete)
  • Application to be accepted as an officially endorsed garden by the Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Community Garden Program (Parks and Recreation Department) (complete)
  • Grant application to the Neighborhood Partnership Program (Public Works)  (complete/approved for funding)
    • This was a huge effort and we are thankful for all the help in planning, donations, and volunteers that contributed to our neighborhood match
  • Neighborhood Partnership Program Agreement (complete)
  • City License Agreement (submitted for final review)


We cannot express how thankful we are for your constant support, and patience in this long permitting process. The overwhelming support of our neighborhoods, local businesses, churches, scouting organizations, the library, and the SFC really helped make Adelphi Acre a model for neighborhood community building. I’m so thankful for the commitment of the steering committee and the community to this project. It is absolutely inspiring, and a sign of great things to come for our neighborhoods. I am proud to have had the opportunity to play a part in shaping this community.


With that said, I am very excited to discuss our timeline for the next few months to get this garden in the ground! I have attached the timeline from the city that covers the remainder of our project build out.

?On Thursday we received word that the final license agreement was submitted and once that is approved we have full reign to get working! We have made arrangement to get the irrigators in to the garden first so that we could start building right behind them. All of the time frames for city action were listed as worst case scenario timelines. Some of these items could happen faster or marginally slower than listed.


I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that we still have a great deal of mulch out at the site. Before any work can begin on the irrigation lines, we will need to clear that (spread the mulch), so that we can survey out the garden fence and irrigation lines.  We will be having a three to four small work days to get this taken care of.  Some will be done during the week, and maybe one on a weekend if necessary.  We will post our work days on the website, facebook, the garden mail list, and on the neighborhood e-mail lists. Please come out and help us out!



  • 4 picnic tables will be complete and added to the open Community Area under the oaks next month thanks to Paxton Tye’s Eagle Scout project!
  •  Tool Shed and Compost area construction can start in September
  • We will be partnering with Milwood Library again for two separate courses
    • The first workshop will be presented by Tree Folks and will cover tree pruning and care, as well as discuss some of the projects and opportunities to receive free trees, plantings in the park, as well and discuss volunteer tree planting opportunities to help beautify the community.
    • The second workshop will be presented by Austin Resource Recovery to offer the Home Composting Class and rebate on September 11th at 7PM. A few of us have gone in the past and it was very informative.
  • Stay tuned for our 3rd quarterly meeting of the year. Date to be announced soon! More details regarding our build projects and orientations will be discussed.
  • In the coming months I’ll take the time to put together a timeline that will outline all the work that went into this process and post it to the website for anyone who is interested.
  • Posts with the new revised site layout. A few plots have moved locations due to a revised setback on the Adelphi side. The city wanted to leave 15’ of room to provide space for a possible future sidewalk.
  • Detail of the revised 8’ fence. It used to be 6’?. We worked on this till the last week when we found out that a taller fence would not be a problem.?
  • ??We’re getting excited and can’t wait to get started!


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PSA for Lost Pets

The Austin Animal Center launched a Stray Map Locator to help lost pets get reunited even quicker with their owners. This technology allows the Center to map out were animals were found in Travis County based on information that is provided from the source or finder.…

The Stray Map updates every 30 minutes with found animal locations as they come into the shelter. The locations will remain on the map for one week. Lost a pet check the map or visit the Austin Animal Center at 7201 Levander Loop
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Promote your local business at the the 4th of July Picnic

We want you to get more business!!  Bring your business cards/flyers/tchotkys to the park this Friday and display on our Local Business table.  We encourage some type of item to weight down the papers in case it’s windy.  Go local!  (please be responsible for grabbing your remaining materials at the end of the event, thanks)


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Keep your pets inside and SAFE from the scare of fireworks

If you have a pet, please be sure to keep it safe and secure inside. Remember often dogs and cats are scared by the “thunder” of firecrackers and may try to run away from the noise, and often sadly run away from their homes and owners. Be especially aware when going in and out when there are fireworks noise as they may try to slip out.  Likely Friday AND Saturday will be noisy nights!   

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District 7 Social Gathering

District 7 party, June 29th, 4pm-6pm (or when the cows come home!)

 Where? 1907 Rainy Meadows – gray house at corner of Tallowfield and Rainy Meadows

Who? Community leaders and concerned citizens in District 7

 We will be serving bbq pork sandwiches, and are asking people to bring a dish, desert, or alcohol. This is an informal get together so people can meet each other in the district.

 more info:

 - One of our local food pantries (St. Marks) is very low, so we will have a box out for nonperishable goods if you want to help out! (cans, cereal, etc.)

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Gearing up for the 11th Annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic at Balcones District Park!

Hello, folks!  In case you were wondering, here are some details about this year’s event:

Friday, July 4th:

9am-gather/decorate/hydrate at the parking lot of Milwood Baptist (Cassady at Cabana)

9:30-parade starts (Cabana to Eton to Balcones Park)

10-12ish-musical performance by the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, free hot dogs/burgers/drinks, renew your dues at the membership table, raffles, general milling around with your neighbors (so bring some CASH to tip the band, buy raffle tix, and/or donate to the food fund)

Please consider volunteering your time, donating to the raffle, and/or lending us your shade canopies and/or coolers (large).

Current sponsors/donors include:  Milwood Baptist Church, Covenant Methodist Church, H&H Design and Build, It’s a Grind Coffee House, Silver Grill Cafe, Take 5 Haircuts,  and the Austin Pita House.  Please contact us if your business can donate!

Let’s hear from you!    Thanks in advance for your continued support of your neighborhood:)

Ryan Lanier, MNA President    Contact:

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Learn the ‘A to Z’ of City Operations at this class!

Have you ever wondered how much a fire hose weighs or how many City of Austin vehicles operate on hybrid technology?

The 6th annual CityWorks Academy is an opportunity to learn the “A to Z” of City operations. Applications are being accepted through July 15.

Classes will be from 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays from September through December.

Find the application and learn more about CityWorks at

Applications may also be picked up at Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd St., in the third floor reception area. Call (512) 974-2955 with any questions.

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Family Fun Night at Milwood Baptist this Friday!

From our wonderful supportive neighbor, Milwood Baptist (Cassady at Cabana Ln):

A fun night for the whole family and it is totally FREE!: Join us from 6-8pm for WATERSLIDES, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sno Cones.THEN at 8:30 we will show Despicable Me 2 on our huge outdoor screen, with popcorn and snacks. Invite your friends and neighbors and bring your lawn chairs and towels.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  (This will not be in our parking lot like in years past, but at the end of our parking lot/ back of the church on the grass.)

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