4th of July Parade & Picnic, Sat. July 4th at 10am

Milwood NA & Walnut Crossing NA’s 12th Annual July 4th Parade & Picnic

We hope you can join us for the neighborhood’s Independence Day Parade & Picnic, which is always the neighborhood’s biggest event! A great time to socialize with neighbors, munch on some free burgers/hot dogs, pay dues, and win some great raffle prizes!

We can’t pull Milwood’s biggest event off without YOU!
Please let us know if you have a shade tent or canopy that we could borrow for the event or if you would like to donate or volunteer. We need you!

Parade & Picnic Schedule
9:30am: Gathering for Parade at Milwood Baptist Church (12217 Cassady Dr) All are welcome to walk in the parade & win the Spirit Contest – just show-up.
10:00am: Parade Begins & travels down Cabana Ln, left on Eton Ln, then into Park (map)
10:30am: Parade Ends at Balcones Park & Austin Civic Wind Ensemble (ACWE) Plays
11:00am: Lunch Begins (Burgers/Hot Dogs/Vegetarian Option)
12:15pm: Grand Prizes Announced

Remember to bring $15 for your membership yearly dues. Each current or paying dues member receives 1 Raffle Ticket which allows them to win any prize raffled including the Grand Prize! Additional Raffle Tickets can be purchased for $1 but are not eligible for the Grand Prizes.

Sponsors of our 12th Annual July 4th Parade & Picnic:
Covenant United Methodist Church
Milwood Baptist Church
Amplify Credit Union
H&H Design & Build, Inc
Textruss, Inc

Our Flyer Sponsor: Elevation Solar, Rick Zamora, ezamora@elevationsolar.com

Our Spirit Contest Sponsor: Kid’s Directory, Debbie Tye
2 Schlitterbahn Tickets
$25 gift card to Main Event
2 Jumpstreet Passes and 50% off coupons
4 golf games at Kiddie Acres + 25 riding tickets
10 passes at Mt. Playmore
2 sets of $5 at Amy’s Ice Cream

Details on the other 2 Additional Prizes will be posted soon

Raffle prizes : (Over $2,500 in prizes, check back often to see how the list grows!)
$75 Gift Card to Ashley’s Playhouse
1 Annual Family Membership to the Austin Aquarium
$15 Gift Card to Silver Grill Cafe
30 min. Massage from Gift of Serenity Massage (2 available)
a First Time Chiropractic Consultation, Examine and Adjustment by Structural Health
4 tickets to the Thinkery
1 year Premium Membership to Angie’s List (2 available)
$30 gift card to Alamo Drafthouse
1 year Go Local Card
$35 gift card to Painting with a Twist
a Gift Card for OrangeTheory Fitness
1 Fitness Package: exercise mat, water bottle, 2 free weeks of camp (6 sessions) from Austin Balcones Park Texas Fit Chicks Bootcamp
1 Driveway & Front Walk Pressure Washing from Extreme Pressure Washers
Dinner for Two from Chuys
1 Massage from Cen-Tex Senior Massage, LLC
2 Holiday Decorations from Twilight Faerie
2 Hours of Caregiver Services from Heavenly Caregivers
A Professional in-house teeth whitening from Aspire Dental ($400 value)
A Lego Mindstorms EV3 from National Instruments (NI) ($350 value)
$50 gift card to Walgreens
Canvas Bag & Water Bottle from Adelphi Acre

Thanks to Paul Labuda for the PA System & Texan Market for all the Ice!


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Flyers Ready to Distribute for 4th of July Parade/Picnic!

Help MNA spread the word by flyering Milwood’s streets! The Flyers are at 4606 Adelphi on the front porch for pick-up, simply sign your name next to any and all streets you would like to flyer. They come in all sizes.

Also click here to volunteer or us loan a Shade Tent or Canopy for the event.

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How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Breeding and Collecting

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is by attacking the problem at its root by not allowing them to breed. The one way to do that is to find and get rid of all standing water as well as their hiding places. Since water is a necessary resource in the mosquito’s breeding process then if you deprive the mosquitoes of water, they will be unable to breed and move on.
1. Empty, Drain, Cover EVERY little thing that can or may hold the smallest amount of water. Mosquitoes only need the tiniest amount of water to breed, ie a plastic bottle with condensed water pooled in it.
2. Maintain Swimming Pools with proper care. If you have a small blow-up pool, make sure it isn’t holding any water, even in a fold and store in a garage away from dew or condensation.
3. Repair and prevent all outside leaks. Any liquid pooled on the ground can attract mosquitoes.
4. Empty (and clean) water collection pans for plants and bird baths as often as possible, at least weekly or purchase mosquito dunks.
5. Mow your lawns weekly. Mosquitoes like to rest and hide in taller grass, so keep it short.
6. Eliminate or fill all nooks, crannies and holes. Patios or porches with small crevices or openings harbor mosquitoes and their eggs. Even holes in trees. Consider filling all these holes with sand.
7. Friendly reminders to neighbors about problem areas are appreciated, as long as they come with a Hi and a smile. After all this is a problem that crosses fence lines and streets, so we need to work together.

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Balcones Pool & Library Hours

Balcones Pool is Free. The Hours are:
Mondays: Closed
Tuesday – Friday:
8-11am: Swim Team (8-10am), Swim lessons & Lap Swim (10-12pm)
11-8pm: Recreational Swim
6-8pm: Swim Lessons
Sat – Sun: 11am – 8pm: Recreational Swim

Pocket Library Hours are:
Mon-Thurs: 1 – 7pm & Friday: 1 – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm & Sunday: Closed

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Are you a Balcones Park user? Or would you be if it had… if so read on.

Complete this survey to give your feedback about our park to Parks & Rec Dept (PARD). (Please don’t send to non-neighbors or groups because if PARD deems that it is not representative of actual users then they will discredit it and not use the data.)


The deadline to input is July 6th.

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Balcones Pool’s Hours are being cut by 20% this summer

The Proposed Cutbacks in Balcones Pool’s Hours for this summer are:
– Close the pool all day Monday, every Monday of the summer, stating that maintenance would happen on this day.
– Cut the 7-8am hours on the weekdays so the pool would then open for swim teams at 8am and not for the pre-work crowd. Swim teams go from 8am to 10am.
– This would create an almost 20% decrease in our pool hours.

1. Balcones Neighborhood Pool is one of only four in a large area with an active and growing population, which makes it a much needed resource for the ever growing population of North Austin.
2. The pool hosts a swim team which is critical for children learning to swim for both those on the teams and recreational users, as well as for children to get exercise.
3. The proposed cuts in hours would cause a near 20% decrease in Balcones Pool’s hours.
4. The loss of an entire day (Monday) throughout the summer is unacceptable especially due to the already limited dates throughout the year that the neighborhood pool is open and the fact that this would result in a 20% reduction in the swim team practice hours as in years past they have practiced every Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 8am to 10am.

Other Details:
– Out of 29 neighborhood pools, the Balcones Pool is the 6th Most Used neighborhood pool based on Attendance by Population in the city using 2013 Attendance and 2014 Population.

Give your Feedback here

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Crime Prevention Training: May 26th at 7pm – Free to ALL!

MNA is bringing in local expert, Mary Rudig, on Crime Prevention Training. All of Milwood is invited for free! This event will be a very informative training on how to protect your house and car from being targeted by criminals. Our expert, Mary Rudrig, has been training for years and has many quick and easy tips to make a big difference for you and the neighborhood. This event will be hosted at Abel’s North.

Please register if you plan to attend so we will have a seat for you. It will be at Abel’s North, so there will be table service if you want to eat/drink during the training. Sign-up Now.

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