Are you a Balcones Park user? Or would you be if it had… if so read on.

Complete this survey to give your feedback about our park to Parks & Rec Dept (PARD). (Please don’t send to non-neighbors or groups because if PARD deems that it is not representative of actual users then they will discredit it and not use the data.)

The deadline to input is July 6th.

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Reminder – Deadline to File a Protest on Home Appraisals is June 1st

Don’t Forget if you want to protest your Tax Appraisal you only have until June 1 (Monday) to E-File at

If you are a realtor and have any advice or the compiled info Milwood residents would need to protest, feel free to comment here or on the facebook page. Thanks!

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Balcones Pool’s Hours are being cut by 20% this summer

The Proposed Cutbacks in Balcones Pool’s Hours for this summer are:
– Close the pool all day Monday, every Monday of the summer, stating that maintenance would happen on this day.
– Cut the 7-8am hours on the weekdays so the pool would then open for swim teams at 8am and not for the pre-work crowd. Swim teams go from 8am to 10am.
– This would create an almost 20% decrease in our pool hours.

1. Balcones Neighborhood Pool is one of only four in a large area with an active and growing population, which makes it a much needed resource for the ever growing population of North Austin.
2. The pool hosts a swim team which is critical for children learning to swim for both those on the teams and recreational users, as well as for children to get exercise.
3. The proposed cuts in hours would cause a near 20% decrease in Balcones Pool’s hours.
4. The loss of an entire day (Monday) throughout the summer is unacceptable especially due to the already limited dates throughout the year that the neighborhood pool is open and the fact that this would result in a 20% reduction in the swim team practice hours as in years past they have practiced every Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 8am to 10am.

Other Details:
– Out of 29 neighborhood pools, the Balcones Pool is the 6th Most Used neighborhood pool based on Attendance by Population in the city using 2013 Attendance and 2014 Population.

Give your Feedback here

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Crime Prevention Training: May 26th at 7pm – Free to ALL!

MNA is bringing in local expert, Mary Rudig, on Crime Prevention Training. All of Milwood is invited for free! This event will be a very informative training on how to protect your house and car from being targeted by criminals. Our expert, Mary Rudrig, has been training for years and has many quick and easy tips to make a big difference for you and the neighborhood. This event will be hosted at Abel’s North.

Please register if you plan to attend so we will have a seat for you. It will be at Abel’s North, so there will be table service if you want to eat/drink during the training. Sign-up Now.

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Give your Feedback on MNA’s Milwood Improvement Project

Click here to see the projects and give your feedback.

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Rain Totals this Year (updated 5/29/2015)

According to Milwood’s Personal Weather Station these are the rain totals:
May total: 18.18 inches
May 18-29: 8.82 inches, 4.8 inches of that on May 25)
May 1-17: 9.36 inches
April: 3.33 inches
March: 7.15 inches
Jan. 1 to May 17: 25.83 inches
Check back for updates.

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Upcoming Town Hall Mtg: Sat. May 16 at 10am & What City Services are Important to You?

May 16th at 10am join District 7’s Council Member, Leslie Pool, for a Town Hall Meeting to cover a range of topics including budget. All are welcome! Location: St Albert Parish Hall.

What City Services are Important to You?
Guided discussions will be in each Council district through June 6th 2015

The City of Austin is collecting input on what City services are important to you and your community. You can participate individually or with others from your neighborhood in various ways but I would like to introduce you to one of the key, easy ways to join in the discussion.

The focus of the City of Austin’s community engagement for its Fiscal 2016 Budget is an exercise known as “Budget in a Box 2.0.”…

…The City of Austin Financial Services Office is hosting two guided Budget in a Box exercises in District 7. Please join in the conversation:

5/30/2015, 10am-noon – Yarborough Branch Library, 2200 Hancock Dr.
6/6/2015, 10am-noon – North Village Branch Library, 2505 Steck Ave.

for more details, see the link below

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