Sign-up Now & Save the Date for Milwood’s Neighborhood Garage Sale – Sat. April 1st!

It’s never too early to sign-up for the Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale on Saturday, April 1st. Make sure you sign-up to be listed on the website which received more than 760+ views last garage sale.

MNA will take care of purchasing an ad in the Statesman, posting general garage sale signs, marketing, craigslist postings, website and facebook listings. You just gather your stuff and get ready to make some extra cash. Though we have heard your traffic grows if you do an individual Craigslist post and Signs for your own sale.

It is free to all current dues paying MNA members so pay your dues and get listed or $5 for all others, simply complete the form below and we will let you know if you are current:

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Batteries, Oil, Paint & Antifreeze Collection Event – Sat. May 6, More Details to Come

We hope to have details soon but…

Start gathering those leftover paint cans, used oil and oil filters, dead batteries, antifreeze and clean, dry styrofoam.
Make sure you are on the Milwood NA’s Email List to get details as they are worked out about the event!

On Saturday, May 6 in the morning Milwood NA will be hosting a BOPA Collection Event

We are allowed to only collect: Batteries, Oil, Latex Paint, and Antifreeze.

We will not be accepting other household hazardous wastes including: oil-based paint, paint thinner or stripper, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, pesticides, or light bulbs.

We’re also looking for volunteers for our collection event so if you or you know of a Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop that would like to help. We need folks to corral the cars, unload vehicles, load the collection truck, and assist with separating the collected materials. If you’re looking for a great opportunity to help serve your neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and protect the environment, come join us! Any questions or volunteer sign-up can be sent to

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Reminder: TODAY is the LAST Day to VOTE for the future layout of Balcones Park!

Exercise your right as a stakeholder to be heard! It is important to note that if you voted for a location last Fall that vote does NOT carry over so you need to vote again!

Click here to VOTE

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It’s My Park Day Makeup Date 3/11/17 10 AM

Due to the rain last Saturday, we were unable to complete the planned projects.  We will try to finish the projects this Saturday 3/11 starting at 10 in the following priority

1) Mulching the remaining trees – We need to get the remaining mulch around the trees to suppress weeds and build healthy roots to survive the summer heat!
2) Trail debris clearing
3) Invasive species removal

We will work until around 2 PM, but if even if you can only spare an hour, please consider lending a hand.   Thanks and we hope to see you in the park!

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Support Balcones Park’s Trail Repairs thru Amplify Austin! Ends March 3 until 6pm

Donate to Balcones Park on or before Fri, March 3rd at 6pm!
And Grow Your Donation!

APF will match 25% of every donation to our park up to the first $2,500! AND Many Big Austin Employers will also match their employee’s donations by 100% so it is a great time to donate and help us reach the needed $9,302!

Click HERE to donate or read more.

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Balcones Park’s Creekside Trail is Approved!!

Our NPP Grant to repair the trail along the creek was APPROVED!!!

Click HERE to join the email list to get updates.

This means the Neighborhood Partnering Program will help us make much needed repairs to our trail! See Details HERE

The current paved trail is getting worse rapidly. In addition there is a endangered Jollyville Salamander’s habitat along the trail and continued erosion might cause the habitat and salamander some problems. We proposed that we fix these issues which would make the trail bike and stroller worthy and once the Connector Trail to Walnut Metro Creek Park is complete it will make for a very nice loop around the edge of Balcones Park.

In order to win this grant we promised to provide 1,522 volunteer hours in the next 2 years and $9,302 in the next 1 year!

Please help us by joining the email list above to follow the trails progress and help us with possibly needed volunteer hours or cash donations.

The Creekside Trail Repairs raised $1,900 in funds during Amplify Austin but still have a little ways to go. If you would like to help us reach our goal and see a beautiful 1+ mile loop be completed around Balcones Park! Click HERE to Donate TODAY!

Or Volunteer Saturday, March 11th from 10am to 2pm at the rescheduled It’s My Park Day!

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VOTE Online for Balcones Park’s Playground, Pavilion, etc!

It takes about 10-20 minutes but we hope you find the time as the decision will work to define our park moving forward. Simply review the details of the schemes HERE then click on the below to vote:

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