Nov 4th – Mark your calendars for It’s My Park Day

Want to help beautify Balcones Park and get some exercise and fresh air? Please mark your calendars to help out!   Here are details for what we plan to accomplish:

1) Trash Cleanup throughout park and greenbelt to Mopac. If we have a really good turnout, we can go beyond Mopac along the creek and shared use path (NCWT).  Trash bags and gloves will be provided.
2) Block eroding informal trails using limbs from trees that came down during Harvey. We have 6 “Restoration in progress” signs from the City (Watershed Protection) to put up to reinforce the trail closures.
3) Remove rocks from creekside trail where we left off last spring. (This is a commitment we made as part of the NPP Creekside Trail repair grant).  This will involve some heavy lifting so wear sturdy shoes and prepare to work!
4) Planted tree maintenance – mulch trees, weed, remove t-posts that have fallen, etc.   With a little help these trees will grow to provide shade, wildlife habitat and scenery for everyone’s enjoyment – plus it is great exercise!

5) Replace washer pit border that was damaged last summer (run over by truck).

6) Reclaim gravel that has migrated from the playscape

Please consider donating a few hours to your park!  Healthy snacks will be provided.  Gloves provided and signing up also gets you a cool t-shirt!

Sign up HERE !


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