Bulk Collection begins Mon, Aug 28

While it begins on Mon, Aug. 28, please consider placing your items out by Sunday so they have the best chance of being reused or recycled by those driving through picking up items before the city does.

Also if you have decent to good furniture, please consider in participating our organized Furniture Pick-up instead to give those pieces more life and not clog our landfill. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes, simply complete this form and Austin Furniture Bank will come on Saturday, Sept 2 to pick up your item.
Electronics can go to Goodwill! Also please hold on to your recyclable items (like big plastic bins, plastic chairs, etc until Recycling day) you can just place them near your blue bins.

Also note it is a weekend where lots of non-neighborhood traffic comes through so lock your doors and be careful items in your front yard aren’t easy to grab or too near the curb to avoid any accidental loses.

Bulk Collection is when the city collects items that are too large for our trash carts during specially-scheduled bulk collections. This list is not all inclusive, please see below for items that can go.

Bulk Items Include:
> Doors
> Carpet
> Furniture
> Appliances (remove doors for safety)
> Passenger car tires (remove rims; limit 8 tires per house)
> Lawn mowers (remove gas/oil)
> Railroad ties (cut in half)
> Pallets
> Rolled fencing
> Nail-free lumber

Bulk Item Collection Crews Cannot Collect:
>Brush, household trash, cardboard boxes, hazardous materials, automotive chassis and bodies, motorcycles, trailers, boats and tires that are still mounted on rims
>Sheet glass, mirrors and other construction and remodeling debris

Collection Guidelines
> Place bulk items at the curb in front of your house by 6:30 a.m. on the first day of your scheduled collection week
> Separate items into three piles as described below
> To prevent damage to your property, keep items 5 feet away from your trash cart, mailbox, fences or walls, water meter, telephone connection box and parked cars. Do not place any items under low hanging tree limbs or power lines
> Austin Resource Recovery only collects bulk items from its residential trash and recycling customers
> Items will not be collected if they are in an alley in any area, including Hyde Park, in front of a vacant lot or in front of a business
> Do not put items in bags, boxes or other containers. Bulk collection is for items too large to fit in containers. Bags will be treated as extra trash and are subject to extra trash fees.

Separate Items into Three Piles
> Metal items – Includes appliances (remove doors). These are taken to our Resource Recovery Center for recycling
> Passenger car tires – Rims must be removed. Limit of eight tires per household. We cannot collect truck or tractor tires. Tires will go to a tire recycling facility
> Non-metal items – Includes carpeting and nail-free lumber. These items go to a landfill. Austin Resource Recovery is working on plans to salvage reusable items from bulk collection to help meet the City of Austin’s Zero Waste goal

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