Single Stream Recycling Refresher

We’ve been asked by a neighbor to go over the single stream recycling procedures. If you have further questions, you can always go to the City of Austin website.

Here are some of the guidelines put out by the city:

How does it work?

All recyclables go in the 90-gallon blue cart and is collected every other week. This is included for free with your garbage service.

Collection Guidelines:

  • Place your recycling at the curb by 6:30 a.m.
  • Keep your recycling about 5 feet away from your garbage cart.
  • Remove food wastes from recyclables before placing them in the recycling cart.
  • Place all recyclables in the recycling cart – no sorting required.
  • Flatten corrugated cardboard and place in your recycling cart. If you have more than what will fit inside the recycling cart, cut or fold it to 2 feet by 2 feet, and tie it into manageable bundles with string or twine and place next to your recycling cart.

What goes in the recycling cart?

  • Paper: (newspaper, office paper, junk mail, envelopes, wrapping paper)
  • Boxboard and cardboard: Corrugated cardboard and boxboard including:
  • cereal boxes
  • shoe boxes
  • most gift boxes
  • soda/beverage containers
  • most food packaging containers such as boxes of macaroni and cheese, rice, microwave meals.
  • Aluminum and metal cans: food cans (labels left on OK), soda cans
  • Glass: Jars and bottles
  • Plastic containers: # 1 through # 7, including yogurt and margarine tubs

What cannot be recycled in your cart?

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam (cups, egg cartons, take-out containers)
  • Pizza boxes from take-out or delivery services
  • Yard waste/leaves (set out for yard trimmings pick up)
  • Food waste
  • Garbage (you may be charged for extra garbage if you put garbage in your recycling cart)
  • Helium tanks
  • Large metal items such as frying pans and metal pipes
  • Large plastic items (plastics that are gallon-sized or smaller are ok)
  • Wire coat hangers (recycle at your local dry cleaners)
  • Why we can’t take these items: The recycling processing facility uses an automated system to sort and bale the recyclables. Prohibited items will jam the automated machinery.
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