Styrofoam Recycling after Christmas!

Summitt is having a Styrofoam Recycling Dive on Dec. 30th from 9 – 11 am, at the school, so we’re hoping you could help spread the word in your neighborhood and school newsletters! The attached document includes a longer and a shorter description of the event – use and adapt however you like. The Summitt Website has all the details, so that’s another easy way to get the word out to people (

Besides getting a turnout on the 30th, we want to educate folks that 1) Austin’s Recycling program doesn’t recycle Stryofoam, and 2) there’s a company called Cycled Plastics that’s just 3 miles away, and that they gladly accept Styrofoam donations from the public throughout the year (M-F, 7 am – 5 pm).

If we advertise the event enough, we just might contact the news people and if it’s a slow news day we can tell everyone about reducing, reusing and recycling Styrofoam!

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