Learn how to Protect your home from the Land Development Code…

This is an important topic that could change your street’s landscape so make sure you take the steps to give yourself a say.

If you missed our discussion about Austin’s Land Development Code changes and how they affect your house and Milwood then keep reading for the important information…

Some DETAILS about Austin’s Land Development Code Proposed Changes:

A special Thanks to Ed English for joining us for this meeting!

For our neighborhood & your house, like so many – the streets, water, sewer and storm drainage for Milwood were planned with the current density in mind so unless the city has a viable plan to address the additional demand for water, sewer, parking, traffic and drainage that the planned changes will incur, this will create major quality of life issues for current residents. The council has already done away with parking requirements. Some of our streets are already crowded which cause issue with emergency vehicle access and bike transportation, as well as limiting the safe walkability of our area. To not require parking is a concern to us since there is very little access to alternative transportation modes in our area therefore our house to person ratio is very high.

In addition, we (and even the city upon their impact statements) don’t see how adding additional units on a lot is going to create more opportunities for resident-owned property. Developers/investors are the ones who will do this there fore it will not improve housing affordability or help lower the housing demand.

Your one chance to Protect Your Home & Your Neighbors (other than to vote out these city officials pushing then and to reach out to them frequently and strongly in opposition) is to:
The “acceptable” protest form here

Also FILE YOUR electronic PROTEST here
**(This might not be accepted by the city so do both.)

Never hurts to do more rather than less in this situation!

Here is an Outline of the Proposed Changes to the City Code.
Here is a more comprehensive powerpoint about the changes.

Please take these three steps:
First Step: File a City-approved Protest (this one is for certain to be accepted by the city, simply grab your four neighbors (must be owners/not renters) on each side’s signatures and backyard neighbors; just need 20% of them.)
& File an online Protest (easiest but city might not accept)

Second Step: File a Comment Opposing this Change with the City Council who will make this city-wide decision. By clicking HERE Or attend one or more of the council or commission meetings that will address the topic (Don’t forget to register to be heard):

Tues, Nov. 14 at 6pm – Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd St
Agenda for Planning Commission Meeting
Register to Speak at the Meeting

Thurs, Dec. 7 at 10am – Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd St

Third Step: Email the City Council your concerns about the Land Development Code Changes they are proposing and voting on.

Email the City Council with your thoughts on this topic here
Email the Planning Commission to let them know your thoughts on the topic here

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  1. Lane says:

    Hi! Since this post seems pretty one-sided and doesn’t accurately represent the perspective of the entire neighborhood I just wanted to post here to mention anyone who supports increased density and updating our out of date development codes can show support by emailing City Council with your support. This will help show the city that there is widespread demand for expanding Austin’s housing options with “missing middle” development. https://www.austintexas.gov/email/all-council-members

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