Holiday Tips to Keep You Safe

The Austin Police Department Burglary Unit would like to remind Austin citizens that the period immediately after Thanksgiving and Christmas typically sparks a rise in burglaries. In order to help keep your possessions safe, APD’s Burglary Unit would like to remind you of the following:

  • Break down all boxes from your gifts and place them in a dark colored trash bag or a closed trash container to avoid burglars knowing there are new items in your residence
  • Close window shades and blinds when no one is home to prevent burglars from window shopping in your home
  • Close and lock all windows and doors prior to leaving your residence
  • Secure all valuables from immediate view such as laptops, cellphones, wallets, etc.; if a burglar looks in and sees a laptop close to the door or window, it becomes an easy target
  • Close and lock your garage, as well as any storage sheds, on your property
  • Record all serial numbers of valuables so that police can have the opportunity to try to recover your property if it is stolen; if you keep your list in an electronic device, ensure you have a printed copy available in the event your device is stolen
  • Call in suspicious persons and vehicles to 911 immediately, so that officers can identify the intentions of the person and/or vehicle in your neighborhood.
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