Walnut Creek Trail Update

Northern Walnut Creek Trail – Phase 1  CIP ID# 5261.001
This project consists of the design and construction of a new trail on the Walnut Creek Greenbelt.  The trail will connect Balcones District Park to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Construction will consist of a 10′ wide concrete trail with 2′ shoulders. The trail will have approximately 9 creek crossings and 4 trail heads.
Ongoing work
  • Based on citizen concerns, a portion of trail within Balcones Park is currently being redesigned.  It will consist of a 10-foot wide concrete path through the park but will not likely be ADA-compliant. In order to provide an ADA-compliant alternate path, the contractor is currently repairing a portion of sidewalk along the south side of Scribe Drive.
  • The City is currently gathering the necessary survey data for the redesign.
  • The City will provide the public with an opportunity to comment and provide input on the redesign at future neighborhood meetings.
  • In addition to the trail segment redesign, the contractor is building retaining walls and trail in the TXDOT right of way, located underneath Mopac and the Cap Metro rail line. This work is expected to be complete by mid-November. Following completion of these portions, the contractor will move to Walnut Creek Metro Park.
  • Those portions between the parks are currently in permit review awaiting comment and appearance before required City boards and commissions.
  • The current construction schedule is under review because of additional design and permit issues. The project is expected to be complete in late 2014.
Project contacts are:
City of Austin Project Manager
Richard Duane
Public Information Officer
Carolyn Perez
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