For Austin Parks!

“For Austin Parks” is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and protecting Austin city parks.  The following release pertains to allowing businesses to use city parking lots.

Good Afternoon:

As you may know, the Austin City Council recently passed a resolution to create a new ordinance that would allow businesses located within 1,000 feet of city parks to use park parking lots to meet minimum parking requirements.

Over 3,200 businesses are located within 1,000 feet of city parks throughout the city! If each of these businesses use just 20 parking spaces at these parks, more than 64,000 existing park parking spaces will be unavailable to park users. There’s no doubt that if this ordinance passes, park users will have to compete with businesses to park at city parks.

Taxpayers pay for park parking lots. Allowing businesses near parks to use park parking lots provides them with parking at taxpayers expense and is unfair to other businesses. Using park parking lots for commercial business purposes is a bad precedent and will further increase the commercialization of our parks.

For more information and/or to sign a petition, please visit the For Austin Parks facebook page.

David King
For Austin Parks!
Zilker Neighborhood
Austin, TX

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