Cap Metro Changes for 2011

At a recent neighborhood meeting, Capital Metro discussed the proposed changes to the local bus route affecting Milwood Neighborhood. Essentially, the route through the neighborhood will change from 240 to 142 (currently called the Metric Flyer). Theses routes will be adjusted in January of 2011 in conjunction with a significant change to the MetroRail service, specifically adding midday train service.

The new 142 commuter route (seen here as the purple line) will offer a 1-seat ride to downtown Austin in just 45-60 minutes.

Previous bus trips could have taken as long as 2.5 hours or more. This is a significant change for commuters wanting a comfortable ride in a reasonable time to get downtown. The 142 will only run during the week at typical commuting times, morning and evening. Also, as Milwood is the first stop on the route, you are guaranteed a seat on the bus!

Other adjusted routes include the 240, which changes to include trips to IBM, National Instruments, and the Domain area as well as weekend service.

Another major change to take effect in January is the addition of midday train service during the week. To see the proposed new schedule, you can look here. These changes will allow roughly hourly train service at each station throughout the day.

Finally, Cap Metro real estate folks are looking to add parking lot availability near the Kramer Station on City owned land (probably across the street from the station at the Austin Energy facility). This availability, along with the additional service is expected to make train ridership a very attractive proposition for our area.

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