No Dumping in Milwood!

IMG_20150111_135530 IMG_20140531_170105Recent efforts by the MNA board to have the City address longstanding issues of dumping along Dorsett Road and the adjacent railroad right of way have resulted in a clean up of several dumps in this area. The area has now been posted with signs notifying would-be dumpers of fines and penalties.

How can you help?

-Please report any dumping activity, downed signs or suspicious activity immediately to 311. Repeated activity will enable the City to take additional action.

-if you hire someone to do a remodel job, landscape, fence replacement, etc that will generate waste materials, ask the contractor where they will take the material. Make sure they take it to a registered landfill or a recycling center. Brush and leaves will be collected by the city if left on the curb in bins or bundled.

Let’s work together to keep our neighborhood looking good!

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