It’s My Park Day Registration Link is LIVE!!

The It’s My Park Day Registration link is ready:

Don’t forget to sign up so you can get a shirt and we can get credit towards the grant for your volunteer hours!! Thanks!!

See below for the list of projects – we could use some team leaders to help with 1, 4, 5, 7!

1) Trash Cleanup throughout park and greenbelt to Mopac. If we have a really good turnout, we can go beyond Mopac along the creek and shared use path (NCWT)

2) Creekside Trail maintenance – remove/relocate fallen branches, move rocks off trail, spread straw and native seeds on the slope along the creekside trail.

3) Planted tree maintenance – weed, mulch, remove t-posts that have fallen, etc.

4) Poolhouse landscape maintenance – weed new plantings, replace/add a few plants, spread out leftover soil

5) Seed wildflowers/native grass in areas disturbed by trail work contractors

6) Patch small area of creekside trail near Duval (an approx 10′ edge of trail that was not part of NPP repair done in early 2018 has fresh damage that needs to be protected to prevent further trail damage)

7) hand pull Johnson grass from the side of the NCWT trail near Mopac

Team leader needs

1) help guide folks to trash cleanup areas (need folks who are familiar with the trails in the park/greenbelt)

4) weeding & landscaping the pool entry area

5) restoring part of the wildflower area by Duval close to the bridge

7) pulling Johnsongrass along trail closer to Mopac

for 4 &7, the ability to identify weeds like nut grass, nandina and Johnsongrass is a plus – this is pretty easy and can be learned in 5 minutes

contact  Erik Harris if interested!

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