Milwood’s General Resident Meeting – Wed. April 24, 7pm

Milwood’s General Resident Meeting
This Wed, April 24
7pm at Milwood Baptist Church (corner of Cassady and Cabana)
Open to all Residents: Owners & Renters alike

Please join MNA for the below agenda. We hope to spend some time on property tax appraisals and the process for getting exemptions and how to protest in 3 ways depending on your preference of time commitment. So don’t miss this one as we will hopefully find a way to save you some big money on your taxes.

It’s also a great time to pay your voluntary MNA Member Dues, which are $15 per year, but it is not a requirement to join the meeting, only to vote.

6:45pm: Socializing
7:00pm: Meeting Begins

1. Tax Appraisals: A chance to learn how to save possibly some big money on your property taxes this year
2. Open Resident Forum to discuss focus moving forward for Milwood, ie improvements & issues
3. Sidewalk along Adelphi (near completion) & Pushing for sidewalk along Parmer Ln & Pushing for Safe Routes to school changes
4. Finalization of Balcones Park Trail
5. Crime Report, Key Concerns & Neighborhood Watch in Milwood – Get us ready for the Summer!
6. Balcones Pool, Balcones Park & Playground Improvement Updates
7. Quick Updates on:
– Foundation Communities Development Update- Waters Park/Mopac (monitoring for no Waters Park Rd access)
– Compost Services for the rest of Milwood
– CapMetro update about changes being made city-wide & info on our bus route 142 Metric Flyer
– Abel’s North Development

8. Resident Concerns or Questions
9. Board Member Elections – in need of a few positions: Social Media Chair, Membership Chair, and more
10. Brief Mentions if time allows:
– MNA Events:
– Batteries, Oil, Paint & Antifreeze Collection Event – Sat. May 11
– 3rd Annual Pool-Party – Sat. June 1
– July 4th Parade & Picnic – Thurs. July 4
– Other Events in the area/items: Balcones Day Festival, Summitt Elementary Registration, Summitt Elementary Summer Camps, Summitt Spring Fling, Adelphi Acre, Styrofoam Collection, New Businesses in area, etc

8:30pm: Meeting Adjourned

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Milwood’s Garage Sale – Sat. March 30: 20+ Houses!

Don’t Miss Milwood’s Garage Sale on Saturday, March 30th, 2019!

Mark your calendars so you can find some wonderful treasurers at the best prices from your neighbors!

Sign-up your garage sale HERE. It is easy and free to MNA Members (which is $15 annual dues, join any time online). Pay $15 online anytime here to be listed. It’s quick and secure.

The List & Map of the Garage Sale Homes:
The list and map were deleted after the event.

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Thank You, Park Lovers!

A Thanks to all of our volunteers who came out in the cold and damp to help show our park some love! Thanks also to Erik Harris, Monica Harris, and Austin Parks Foundation! We had a great showing at the It’s My Park Day Event and achieved a lot!

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March 2nd 2019 – Signup for It’s My Park Day!

IMPD Spring 2019 will be March 2nd – please consider coming out to help with park maintenance and beautification. It’s also a great way to get to know neighbors and explore the park and greenbelt!

Signup Link –

Projects planned:

1) Trash Cleanup throughout park and greenbelt to Mopac and upstream to Dorsett. If you are familiar with the park, please consider leading volunteers to the trash pickup areas 

2) Creekside Trail maintenance – remove/relocate fallen branches, move rocks off trail,spread straw and native seeds on the slope along the creekside trail.

3) Planted tree maintenance – weed, mulch, remove t-posts that have fallen, etc.  Leaders needed to guide volunteers on proper mulching procedures.

4) Poolhouse landscape maintenance – weed new plantings

5) Patch small area of creekside trail near Duval – we need a hand truck and a couple of strong backs to take the concrete down to the trail.  Please let us know if you can help with this!

Please email if you would like to volunteer to lead a project.   We can get more work done with a little advance coordination! 

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Adelphi Sidewalk from Amherst to Scribe Dr & Balcones Youth Sports Ballfields

We have an update on the Adelphi Lane Sidewalk from Amherst to Scribe Dr & Balcones Youth Sports Ballfields: Project Link Here.

After some communication back and forth, we have been assured by the city that they will be including sidewalk on the South/neighborhood side all the way from Adelphi Acre Community Garden to Scribe Drive, not just to Amalfi Cove. It will be 5ft wide. Sidewalk will also be added on the connecting streets of Amalfi Cove, Gable and Scribe to complete the gaps there and make sure they completely connect to the new sidewalk on Adelphi Lane.

Also the project will be connecting the existing sidewalk on the North/Apt Side of Adelphi and making it 8ft wide. It will go from the current sidewalk all the way down to the ballfields. It’s intention is a Shared Use Path.

The field engineer and team are out there starting today, Nov. 8, 2018 to get the project started. The timeline will be about 4-6 months.

As a heads up: At some point, the road will be harder to access to due to construction and flaggers will direct traffic as needed.

We are so excited to see this done!

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Compost Your Pumpkin & Save Your Trash Bin!

Simply remove all non-compostable items, like metal, plastic, jewels. Paint and Wax are OK! Then place them in the green compost bin near garage or front yard.

Drop off your pumpkin for compost at: 4606 Adelphi Lane

Also Adelphi Acre Community Garden is also happy to take your pumpkins at their back gate entrance too. They also need browns – LEAVES – so if anyone has any bagged up they would really appreciate them!

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Mobility & Safe Routes to School INPUT needed ASAP!

We need your feedback & ideas to help capture some bond dollars for our area!!!

We have the chance to fight for some of the 2016 Mobility Bond dollars that are currently unspoken for BUT in order to do so we need to gather data and valuable input from you now! We will then compile it and build our case in hopes that some of those dollars can be matched with improvements in our area.

Specifically there is $27.5 million dollars in the bond that is to be used for Safe Routes to Schools. SO if you currently or will one day have a child going to Summitt Elementary (or be bused to Murchison or Anderson) then PLEASE take 15 minutes to complete this SCHOOL ROUTES SURVEY here.

If you have additional ideas to share that do NOT fit in the Safe Routes to School area, please add them on the Other Improvement Survey or Map. We can’t make our case without your input!

An example of a project that will hopefully happen with these bond dollars is the addition of missing sidewalk on Adelphi Lane, east of Amherst to Scribe. Project details here. Please note: We are in the process of working with the city to get this sidewalk moved to the south side of the street rather than where it is currently outlined for the north side. Thoughts? Email us at mnaboard(a) with feedback.

Complete the Safe Routes to SCHOOL Survey NOW!
Complete the Other Improvement Survey NOW!

RSVP to the Mobility & Transportation Meeting: NEXT Wednesday, Oct 24th at 7:30pm at Milwood Baptist Church to discuss this topic further.

Please, Please complete the survey above!

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